Mass rollouts of 5G networks are increasing mobile connectivity along with expanding opportunities for real-time streaming

By outperforming traditional content delivery networks (CDNs), mobile network operators (MNOs) are poised to take full advantage of real-time technology especially when combined with the Red5 Pro XDN. This whitepaper covers the impact of 5G networks on real-time live streaming including:

  • 5G Global Deployment Status
  • Current Real-Time Streaming Usage Trends
    • Socialization around Live Sports and Game Playing
    • Virtual Reality and VR-Based Collaboration
    • Commercial Life
    • Video Surveillance
  • Meeting the 5G Real-Time Streaming Mandate with MNO-Operated Infrastructure
  • The Red5Pro XDN Solution
    • Scalable Real-Time Streaming
    • Streaming Protocol Flexibility
    • Multi-Cloud Scaling and Interoperability across Multiple IaaS Platforms
    • A New Way to Cut 5G-XDN Connection Latency

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Low Latency Video Streaming

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Live Video at Scale

Cluster Red5 Pro to support millions of concurrent viewers and autoscale on the cloud platform of your choice. With Red5 Pro, WebRTC scales, and we can prove it.


Build your own server-side logic, deploy offline or in your own data centers. Integrate IP cameras and other streaming devices. Customization is at the core of Red5 Pro. If you can imagine it, you can build it.


Rely on our rock-solid deployment model with high availability, fail over, and cross-region support. Implement real-time latency streams that can run for days, with adaptive bitrate and reliable UDP delivery. We’ve got you covered.


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