AWS + Red5 Pro Wavelength Zones

the fastest, highly scalable, secure, superior quality

real-time video streams at the speed of thought.

For the first time ever, AWS and Red5 Pro

bring the Metaverse of the future into the now.

Want to get started?

Launch Live-Streaming Video over 5G.

Live-streaming video is considered real time when it is delivered at sub-400ms speed.

AWS Wavelength Zones and Red5 Pro deliver high-quality video streams in real time that are scalable to millions over 5G networks.

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True Real-time Latency

Avoid Spoilers!

Rely on 5G plus extreme limited latency to never spoil a game, race, bet, and even an emergency response with Red5 Pro’s XDN.


Lock-tight, minimal risk

Encryption is built-in to all transmissible data, including video.


Go around the globe in mere milliseconds

Share interactive video streams with millions over 77 Availability Zones across 24 AWS regions worldwide.


Enjoy the power of flexibility

Origin and Edge nodes configure with any Wavelength Zone. Serves all 5G devices to support all VR and more.

We’re catapulting 5G into the Metaverse

Receive video streams faster than ever.


AWS and Red5 Pro present the first-ever collaboration of this kind. Together, we are the only organization to deliver this opportunity. Here’s why:

Real-time Latency

UDP-based WebRTC sends live video streams anywhere across the world from broadcaster to subscriber in near 50 milliseconds of round trip latency.


Our cross-cloud based autoscaling solution automatically scales your system up and down in real time to deliver video and/or data streams to millions of concurrent viewers.

High-quality Streams

Industry-first WebRTC Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) adjusts to network conditions and NACK resends critical dropped packets for consistent, high quality streaming even in the most difficult conditions.

Multi-Browser Support

With Web Standard certified WebRTC, encode and decode directly in all modern browsers, plugin-free on any device.

Secure Streaming

Secure WebSockets automatically create fully encrypted connections with deep integration in your own authentication systems.