A New Kind of Vision

Soldiers and poets; ordinarily the two occupy different worlds. That is, until live-streaming gets involved. Thanks to the extraordinary developers at Good Company they have enabled a soldier, blinded in combat, to once again connect to his surroundings. Wearing a pair of WiFi enabled iVue glasses and earphones, Major Scott Smiley sent a live-stream to poet Matthew Dickman who could then describe what the glasses were seeing in real-time. The RTSP stream was sent via an iPod Touch and broadcasted to a Red5 Pro server running on a Digital Ocean Droplet. The resulting low latency stream enabled Dickman (watching the feed through JW player) to help Smiley imagine a picture of his home where he will raise his family. At Red5 Pro we keep saying that there are so many creative things that have been and can be done with our technology. This is just one of the many (albeit tear-jerking) applications out there.

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