Low latency: the final frontier. These are the objectives of the Red5 Pro Enterprise license. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new protocols. To seek out new features and new implementations. To boldly go where no app has gone before!

My apologies to Star Trek fans, but while Red5 Pro may not actually be exploring outer space, we are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cyber space. We even have our own hyperdrive, it just fuels the delivery of online media rather than the spaceship Enterprise. However, just as Captain Kirk (or Picard if you prefer) has his crew, we have you: our fellow developers. Your support helps push our software development to higher levels while creating new applications.

As such, we want to draw your attention to our advanced license plan, the Enterprise Pro. In previous posts, we already covered the benefits of the Growth Pro license and our various support options. However, we'd like to go into more detail about this premium offering.

The Enterprise Pro comes with the same dynamic and fully scalable software as the Growth Pro. The major benefit is the intensive support that comes with it. The included Service Level Agreement (SLA) allows for a block of hours that can be used every month for server maintenance, code optimizations or other technical needs. Unlike a Growth Pro where you are responsible for your own servers, the SLA elevates your application to a managed service. We can maintain your installation on AWS, GCP, or Azure.

This ongoing, on-demand support includes weekend and emergency hours. With a guaranteed response time, your team can quickly access the expertise of our developers. That way our team can be on call to make certain that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Our expert software engineers will plug directly into your application to address any issues that come up and track down any bugs.

Every good captain knows that even an expertly designed ship is only at the most effective with an experienced crew running it. Our team built the Red5 Pro software and is more than familiar with the various internal protocols, variables, and methods. Why waste your time and money learning about something we already know how to do?

You get all the flexibility and high performance that Red5 Pro comes with, but without the worry and hassle of maintaining it.

So let us work together, combining our efforts and knowledge to build whatever you need... except for phasers.

For more information (or to debate which Star Trek Captain was the best), send a message to info@red5pro.com or schedule a call. We'd love to see how we can help build the future of live streaming.

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