Apple Releases WebRTC

This is it. The day we have all been waiting for. Apple has integrated WebRTC with Safari!

While Apple may pride itself on creating products you need before you know you needed it, they have been rather reluctant to contribute to the goal of WebRTC; a universal, plugin-free communication protocol. Though they may be subdued about it, we here at Red5 Pro, are quite enthusiastic and wanted to share the exciting news far and wide.

However, upon considering Apple's resistance, it's not completely clear that all the nuances of WebRTC will be entirely supported. The devil, (as they say) is in the details. Nonetheless, this goes a long way towards answering the concerns of many of our current and potential clients. As this achievement marks a major milestone, we are confident that this will only support Red5 Pro's mission to provide cross-application, low-latency, live-streaming. Come join us in celebration and let us know how you plan to take advantage of this momentous opportunity!

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