Parking meters, deadlines, anniversaries; if not addressed within the appropriate timeframe, those things may cause you considerable problems (some more than others).

Similarly, if your hosted server goes over a certain capacity there could be a financial consequence as well. We recently shared Amazon's announcement regarding their new pricing model, as they are now going to start charging on a per second basis. This change only applies to Linux users, and since Linux is our recommended platform for running Red5 Pro, this applies to you!

What Does This Mean?

This means that you could save money. For example, let's say you have configured clustering and autoscaling with your Red5 Pro application. That will enable your application to automatically to spin up or take down an edge server in response to the traffic flow. Perhaps there is a big surge of activity that causes your server usage to greatly spike upwards. Rather than paying for an entire hour worth of server usage, you can pay for just the actual time of use. Much more efficient!

Furthermore, If your app is event-based then you can remove your node group (origin and edge) via the stream manager api then bring back the node group using the api right before the event starts to future optimize pricing.

This capability to fine-tune server usage is more price effective and showcases why we made Red5 Pro server agnostic. We want our software to remain dynamic so that it can adapt to any changes in the marketplace.

Want to Save More?

Speaking of saving money, don't forget to check out our September deal. Purchase a GrowthPro Plan and we will deploy your servers on Amazon or Google for free (a $199 value)! Let us work for you. This deal is valid for only the month of September, so act now before this valuable deal streams away.

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