Streaming Media Magazine awarded Red5 Pro the 2019 Streaming Media 50; an annual list of the most important, influential, and innovative companies in the streaming video space. Red5 Pro provides sub-500 millisecond latency to more than a million viewers through advances in edge computing, virtual clusters, and WebRTC.

We are incredibly honored to be recognized as one of the top 50 companies in online video.

In some ways, we won this twice, as our customer Limelight Networks is also on the list for their award-winning RTS product based on Red5 Pro. 2019 is the year for real-time latency solutions. A huge thanks to our team and all the people who believed in us along the way.

Chris Allen, - CEO and Co-Founder, Red5 Pro

Red5 Pro’s technology provides real-world results including glass-to-glass latency from NYC to Paris in 180 milliseconds. As an authority in live streaming, Streaming Media recognizes the importance of real-time latency to the industry as a whole.

Streaming video and OTT have become the consumer's first choice for watching video, and so it's more imperative than ever that the companies providing that content rely on technology and services that are both groundbreaking and rock-solid reliable.

For any consumer video provider, enterprise, educational institution, faith-based organization, or government agency, the Streaming Media 50 provides a shortlist of the companies they should go to first.

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen - VP and Editor-in-Chief, Streaming Media

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The full press review can be viewed here.

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