Red5 Pro features four distinct pricing plans, but which one should is right for you?

Developer Pro - $29.99

Whether you are still tinkering with development or running a small project, this $29.99 per month plan will support your basic live streaming needs for up to 100 simultaneous connections.

Startup Pro - $109*

Though we don't limit it specifically to startups, this plan provides a solid platform for deploying your application. By unlocking advanced features such as clustering, this plan provides fertile ground for getting everything started.

Growth Pro - $279*

Like a frequent shopper discount, our fully loaded Growth Pro plan will save you money. Priority technical support and unlimited autoscaling make this the best value. Who doesn't like a good deal?

Mobile SDK - $349*

With massively oversized images or microscopically undersized text, mobile web browsers can only go so far. What's the alternative? Building a native app for both iOS and Android with our Mobile SDK.

*per month, with annual purchase.

Further Cost Savings

Most SaaS providers wrap up hosting services into their product, so you have little to no control over your hosting. Red5 Pro remains server agnostic giving you the most flexibility to find a hosting provider for your specific needs. Otherwise, you could get locked into a service when the price and performance changes.

Still not sure about the best plan? Give us a call and we'll walk you through all the options. Ask us about our advanced support plans and Enterprise Pro Package!

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