Join us for Edgehog Day: A Digital Conference on Edge Computing.

Our CEO and Technical Cofounder, Chris Allen, will discuss how traditional CDN infrastructure cannot provide true live streaming experiences and how Red5 Pro reimagined that infrastructure to support the real-time delivery of live video. Chris will outline how Red5Pro uses VM based deployments to deliver live video with sub 500ms of latency, full scalability, multi-way delivery, and data synchronization. He will discuss the emerging trend of multi-directional video streaming and real-time synchronized data for use cases in the medical, education, sports, and entertainment spaces. Join the discussion tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd from 4:35-4:50 pm CET.

Edgehog Day will also cover these edge computing video streaming topics:

  • Monetization of new industry use cases
  • Interoperability across different networks and geographies
  • Building reliable applications with high availability
  • Data security
  • Other topics involving next-gen computing

Plus, hear from other companies working with streaming video in the edge computing space like picoNETS.

That’s tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd from 3-8:30 pm CET. Sign-up now!

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