Working with computers is hard. When it comes to coding, you may have a particular specialty, a more general knowledge or you may just work with those that understand it. Regardless, there are an array of skills and abilities required to develop successful code.

Live-streaming is no different, as we've said before, it can require a little more experience to shape it into doing exactly what you need it to do. Plenty of experienced developers (including ours) have come to find that live-streaming produces a unique mix of challenges.

Fortunately, our developers have already worked their way through these challenges so you can leverage their abilities through our basic support plans. Whether you are using mobile apps or browser-based web apps, our dedicated team of developers and support staff is here to assist you:

Developer Pro

  • Community Slack Channel - A forum where you can post your questions so that they can be answered by other Red5 Pro users along with Red5 Pro staff.

Startup Pro Plan

  • Community support
  • Email support through the Red5 Pro support desk

Growth Pro Plan

  • Community and email support desk
  • Private slack channel so you can directly communicate with Red5 Pro developers
  • Priority support issues

For those seeking an even greater degree of dedicated support time with our development team, there are more advanced options:

Service Level Agreements

Red5 Pro's SLAs are designed for our Support Team to assist you in integrating our features and maintaining the functionality of your application. Available in 40, 20 and 10-hour levels per month, our SLAs provide 24/7 assistance to ensure that your server is always running smoothly.


Considering that Red5 Pro started as a consulting company, we are more than qualified in developing new features and/or customizing existing features. Put our years of experience to work for you as we build an application fitting your specific needs.

Red5 Pro is already a robust and powerful platform. By leveraging the abilities of our developers, you can turn your app into something truly special.

Don't forget that we can install Red5 Pro on your AWS or Google account for a one-time $199 fee.

While live streaming may be a challenge, that doesn't mean it has to be hard. Whether you are just trying out Red5 Pro or are deep into your development, take advantage of our support plans and let us help you maximize your success.

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