Red5 Pro and AT&T

Red5 Pro and Internet Telephone Functionality

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to attend a seminar on AT&T's Enhanced WebRTC API. This free program (including a complimentary subscription to the AT&T Premium Access Developer Account) covered the many uses of the program. According to to the provided guidebook the software:

...allows you to build real-time Web browser-based communication apps. Users who are viewing a web page in a browser can communicate using video and audio to users on other devices, including both other browsers and phones. The Enhanced WebRTC RESTful API allows you to discover other parties in communication and use a standard offer-and-answer model to exchange session parameters to establish effective audio-video communications. In addition, AT&T also provides a JavaScript SDK to make coding easier.

Basically, you can have full phone functions of calling, answering, muting etc. through an internet telephone number, and still use your mobile phone. Great for call centers! In addition, you can write server code in Java which is convenient for anyone running a Java based program, say for example, Red5 Pro!

We are currently hard at work implementing WebRTC functionality. Once that goes live this summer we look forward to seeing how we can integrate Red5 Pro with the AT&T SDK to enable all those features (you can even transfer calls in progress from your desktop to a mobile device).

Overall, it was a worthwhile experience especially considering the free Plantronics Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth Headset (which I am looking forward to playing with this weekend) given to all attendees. I'm excited to see what future programs will help make Red5 Pro even more functional!

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