One second doesn't sound like much but a lot can happen in such a small timespan. In one second a [hummingbird's heart]( beats 21 times, a [baseball pitch]( zips 132 feet and [the human brain]( completes the work of 82,944 processors. So maybe a second is more important than you thought.

Recently, Wowza Media Systems bragged about their "low" latency. Remember how much happens in a second? You could be missing all that. Your nice, shiny new drone? Splat. Right into that rock you didn't see a second ago. The final online bid on a rare Action Comics #1? Nope. Snatched away by an in-person bidder.

Of course, if your live auction were built with Red5 Pro, that wouldn't be a problem. Our software allows for a near instantaneous connection. Don't believe us? See (and compare) for yourself…

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