The 4th of July gives those of us in the U.S. a chance to reflect upon the creation of America and the foundation of values it was built upon. We at Red5 Pro have been thinking about our ideals as well. Since our roots are grounded in Boston, it's only natural that a little bit of revolutionary spirit seeps in to what we do.

Franklin Roosevelt once proposed four freedoms that every citizen of the world should enjoy: Freedom of speech (the new Star Wars is better than the original), freedom of worship (Mac vs. PC), freedom from want (except for gadgets) and freedom from fear (Google can't access my bank account). At Red5 Pro we fancy adding a fifth: the freedom to live stream however you want.

While admittedly not as essential as the other four, it is still quite universal. As such, Red5 Pro was built to allow you the flexibility to do live streaming your way. Sure Facebook and Periscope allow you live stream, but you have to do it on their terms (with their ads). Why not build your own with your own ads?

With Red5 Pro you can engineer your app, your way. With an unlimited trial period and a super low latency server the possibilities are boundless. We don't even limit the devices you want to use. Android? Check. iOS? You bet. Desktop? Gotcha. Graphing calculator? Woah now, let's not get crazy. So go ahead; sign up and make your app! Not sure if Red5 Pro can do what you want? Drop us a line! Our dedicated Sales Team (backed by the intrepid Support Team) would love to hear from you. From Mount Rushmore to Mongolia, if you have internet you can live stream. Join the live stream revolution and let freedom stream!

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