As many people in the US are well aware (especially those that love eating pie), the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching. As a Boston-based company, we take special pride in this celebration. After all, it was the founders of Massachusetts that started the tradition in the first place. Well, Abraham Lincoln too.

With roots in a fall harvest celebration, Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have.

We are quite thankful to have a dedicated group of hard-working developers who strive every day to improve our product. They have tweaked and tuned Red5 Pro into one of the most dynamic and practical live streaming applications. They have successfully integrated WebRTC, blasted latency down to below 500ms and enabled autoscaling to support hundreds of thousands of streams.

We thank them and their continued efforts as they make Red5 Pro the fastest and most flexible live-streaming solution on the market.

Most importantly, we are grateful for all the support we get from developers like you who use our product. It is through your continued support that we can continue to streamline the Red5 Pro software. You find and submit bugs to us so that we can smooth them out and we love hearing about the various and creative ways you implement Red5 Pro.

Thanks for helping us to prove that Red5 Pro is the best!

Last but not least, we just want to say that part of being thankful for what we have, is acknowledging that some are not so lucky. In the U.S. Thanksgiving is a time for charity as well as celebration. So go out there and support your fellow citizens of the world. While you're at it, why don't you stream it?

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