You had date night all planned out. You picked out the perfect movie, you have the right clothes, and you even did laundry a day early (now it's clean and dry). You scouted out a little, hidden gem; a pizza place where everything is made from scratch, with pies the size of small planets. Everything is going as planned. That is until you get there only to find an ominous sign hung in the window, "Closed. Gone to the National Cheese Convention." How can they do that to you!?

Like the pizza shop, Google has made a disruptive decision (though this one affects businesses more than romances). April 25th has been marked as the day that the Hangouts API will be shut down and all apps using it will cease to function. Thus, developers working on a Hangout based live-streaming application, have found themselves shipwrecked on top of their API. What can be done?

There are essentially three options; a build from scratch, DIY WebRTC application (time-consuming and complicated), an easy out of the box solution like TokBox (sufficient for small apps and proof of concepts, but not scalable), or a fully customizable scalable platform like Red5 Pro. As a hosting agnostic platform, you can bake Red5 Pro right into your existing application. With support for custom server-side applications, you can even add extra toppings to expand an already wide palate of features. If scalability, flexibility and low latency are important to you, come give us a try. We won't close the doors on you.

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