We've covered how to save money on data streaming and the differences between our license plans but what about getting the most out Red5 Pro?

The answer is simple: Growth Pro.

Why Growth Pro?

Whether you need the ability to scale, a dev environment, insurance against a server crash, or just plain better performance, Growth Pro is the way to go.

The Growth Pro plan includes 3 instances, which allows you to set up our autoscaling solution which automatically spins up new server instances or takes down old server instances to deal with variations in network traffic. That makes it ideal for applications where high availability is needed.

You also get a higher level of technical support. More on that later.

Can't I Just Run Multiple Instances With the Cheaper Startup Plan?

Yes, you can. However, it isn't as price effective since additional instances will cost you more.

For example, a monthly Startup Pro plan is $119 per month for the license and $119 per additional instance: $119 x 3 = $357. Therefore, you'd be paying an extra $58 over the $299 per month Growth Pro plan which already includes 3 instances.

Additionally, the savings extend to the extra instance pricing as well; $99 with the Growth Pro vs $119 with the Startup.*

But I Don't Need to Scale.

You might not need to scale to a large number of users, but you probably still need additional servers.

Extra servers are good for more than just additional subscribers and publishers. You can have one server (or two for redundancy) running in production and one in development. That way you can make modifications to your application without disrupting your existing userbase.

Of course, if you want to take advantage of our stream improving Cauldron Transcoder which adds ABR support, you are going to need an additional server instance for that.

In general, Red5 Pro will perform better when running on multiple instances due to all the processing and transcoding required. Not to mention the fact that you can set up multiple clusters in different geographic areas. Whether you need a dev environment, the ability to scale, insurance for a server crash, or just plain better performance, the Growth Pro is the way to go.

What About Support?

I almost forgot! The Growth Pro plan includes a private Slack channel as well.

That allows your team and our team to interact directly which each other through a text conversation. This makes the involved process of troubleshooting issues and fine-tuning application settings more efficient. There's a steady flow of information rather than bursts of emails.

Of course, you receive higher priority support for bug fixes and other issues you face.

Beyond issues and bugs, we can help you calibrate settings to optimize your project and make sure it is providing the best experience possible. There's a lot that Red5 Pro can do, and you should ensure you are getting the most out of it.

Do the Math

The majority of use cases benefit from at least one additional server for back-up, development, and/or improved performance. With the Startup plan, 2 instances would cost you $238 ($119 x 2). Since two instances are already included in the Growth Pro pricing, your cost would be $299.*

Basically, you would be getting all that additional tech support for only $61. That's a price well worth it to bring your development to the next level.

How Do I Upgrade?

Simply log in to your account, and update your subscription status by checking the monthly or yearly box under Growth Pro.

If you have any difficulty, are still undecided, or simply have a few questions just send a message to info@red5pro.com or schedule a call. We'd love to hear from you!

*All prices listed are only for the monthly subscription plan. Cheaper pricing is available with a yearly subscription.

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