Good software should work well and be easy to use.

Up to this point, our major focus has been ensuring that Red5 Pro is able to meet basic and advanced live streaming needs including sub-one-second latency and the ability to effectively scale. Now that we have a robust solution with many supported features, we have started making the software easier to use.

To get started right away go to our GitHub

Time to Automate

Logically, we determined that our installation process would be a good place to start. Though it is well documented, it does require a bit of manual configuration. Accordingly, we created an automation team to help get everything up and running faster and easier.

We are proud to announce the red5 pro installer. It was built so you can spend less time getting things set up and focus on more important activities like developing your application and getting to bed on time.

Right now this installer is only for Linux users, but we will have more automation improvements on the way.

The Red5 Pro installer is a command line utility to help install Red5 Pro properly on supported Linux operating systems. The installer takes care of installing all the necessary dependencies for Red5 Pro and making post-installation configuration changes to help your Red5 Pro installation perform optimally.

Top Features

  • INSTALL LATEST RED5PRO: Install latest Red5 Pro distribution directly from your account to your Linux server.
  • INSTALL RED5PRO FROM URL: Install a pre-configured Red5 Pro distribution archive from a custom server location or Dropbox. Perfect option for installing a customized Red5 Pro build (such as setting up a preconfigured stream manager or autoscaling build on a server).
  • REMOVE RED5PRO INSTALLATION: Easy and hassle-free Red5 Pro installation removal. Uninstalls Red5 Pro cleanly.
  • MANAGE RED5PRO LICENSE: Simplifies the process of checking your current license and adding/updating a new license on your Red5 Pro installation.
  • SSL INSTALLER: A special bonus feature for our customers, we have added a letsencrypt SSL installation facilitator for new Red5 Pro installations. It allows you to request an SSL certificate for a new domain and configures the certificate on your Red5 Pro installation for you.
  • START/STOP/RESTART SERVER: Quick access menu options to start, stop and restart a Red5 Pro server installation. No longer take the pain to memorize Linux commands for these simple operations.
  • RED5 PRO SERVICE MANAGEMENT: Install or remove Red5 Pro daemon service easily. Traditionally you need to create a service script in a specific location with calculated system memory allocation for adjustment. With this option, the installer does it all for you in a matter in seconds.

Where to Find It

Simply, go to our github page. As it is now publically available, that means is anyone can contribute, customize and use it as they like. Or as GitHub folks might sayfork it, mix it, push it & serve it.

For more information on what Red5 Pro can do for you, please give us a call or email us at

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