There's a lot going on with WebRTC these days. Doing your own research can feel like scaling a cliff between entry-level and moderate understanding. Sitting and watching panels or reading articles is great but what if there's something more specific you've been wondering about. Maybe there's some sort of conversation you can join.

Where can you find the geeks you need to geek out with?

Well for WebRTC-related geekery check out the Wonder WebRTC unConference on May 18. For those unfamiliar with the off-beat and collaborative setting of an unConference,  you're in for a fun time!

unConference describes itself as:

Basically, a bunch of geeks getting together, informally sharing experiences while having a good time.
For a start, there are no selected "speakers," only participants and no pre-defined schedule: We put you in the driver’s seat and let you host your own sessions, no matter how well known you are in the industry. Got something to share the audience could be interested in? Pitch your idea at the beginning of the event, where we will be creating the schedule together. If not, no worries! Just go with the flow and enjoy the sessions and networking.

Join the online unConference with Red5 Pro CEO and cofounder Chris Allen on Tuesday, May 18, 5–8 PM CEST / 8–11 AM PST. Chris is planning to discuss WebRTC scaling. For more information and to see some of the "highlighted participants," check out the event link or register right now.

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