Just because something is widely used, doesn’t necessarily make it the best option.

While big providers like AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure are popular choices for cloud-based hosting services, there are alternative options that can save money, and better streamline performance through dedicated support.

This Wednesday, join Red5 Pro CEO Chris Allen, MIXR Co-Founders Garvan Doyle & Blaze Cerovcec, and Linode Head of Corporate Communications Mike Maney in a panel moderated by Brian Mahony, CEO, Trender Research and President, OTT Executive Magazine.

How OTTs Save Money and Improve Performance by Streaming Video on the Alternative Cloud

Find out how to:

- Keep global pricing predictable without sacrificing latency or user experience

- Reduce costs with flat data charges and bundled bandwidth

- Best practices for infrastructure management and deployment using open source tools.

- Streamline routing and peering through a global, high-speed network

- Optimize support options by partnering with cloud infrastructure providers

Date: Wednesday, 3/24,

Time: 1 pm ET (New York Time)

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