Red5 Pro has prioritized creativity ever since its founding. We want to make sure that new ideas have a chance to thrive, so from the start, we have allowed room for customization as a key part of bringing those ideas to life. Our WebRTC streaming solution is all about flexibility. And, because every product and company has different needs, our team has worked to make Red5 Pro compatible with a variety of online hosting platforms, including AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. But while working in the cloud is a popular choice for many users, it’s not the only option, and it isn’t for everyone. In fact, many of our customer’s projects aren’t online at all. In particular, offline setups are common for customers requiring a high degree of confidentiality and security for their WebRTC video streams.  

Red5 Pro is a leader in the field of live WebRTC streaming video over the internet, but it’s important to us that customers with offline use cases are also supported and given access to a range of features. Whether for protecting the proprietary nature of a new idea, maintaining privacy in contracting work, monitoring a flight test, or simply on-premise surveillance, an offline license ensures that the internet does not have access to the video streams.

We do recognize, however, that those offline use cases still need the same low-latency video, accessibility, and flexibility that are the hallmark of our online installations, just with a higher level of security. This is why the developers at Red5 Pro created the Castaway plugin. The Castaway plugin brings dependable, real-time streaming to offline setups while maintaining the option for features such as authentication, clustering, and support for IP cameras, as well as other streaming devices.

To make offline streaming as secure as possible, the licenses that Red5 Pro provides for Castaway use are specific to those particular offline instances; users who have an online setup for another part of their product will need a separate license key for that online communication. For this reason, we request that you reach out to us if you are interested in the Castaway plugin, so we can provide you with an offline license key unique to your environment, along with a few simple installation steps.

One thing to consider is that Castaway installations may require manually setting up a STUN/TURN server on a private network, since Google’s public STUN servers will not work on a private LAN. In order for Red5 Pro’s HTML SDK to access the local STUN/TURN servers, there are also some modifications that must be made within the HTML SDK. Both of these processes are explained with step-by-step instructions in our documentation. See Configuring Your Own TURN/STUN Server for more details.

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every company, so we’ve made sure to allow room for a variety of both on- and off-line use cases. If your idea requires a live WebRTC streaming solution with the security of offline installation, please contact us at or set up a call to discuss the Castaway plugin. We’d love to hear from you!

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