Red5 Pro recently released our Mixer Node, which allows for multiple live streams to be composited into a single one using cloud-based mixing. This has already been used in a variety of products, including video walls, conferences, and interactive compositions of audience feeds at live events. The Mixer Node has many potential use cases and we’d like to share some creative ideas that might inspire you to design your own product.

Virtual Field Trips

Roughly four million adults in the United States are entirely or mostly housebound due to health conditions or cognitive issues. This number has increased over the past few years with the ongoing threat of COVID-19. We previously shared how live streaming can be used in telemedicine applications to give housebound patients access to the health services they need. But the Mixer Node also has the potential to provide entertainment and a connection to the outside world through activities such as live virtual field trips. Participants can join an online conference using the mixer to spend time with friends and family in other locations and continue experiencing travel while they remain at home. Assisted living facilities can broadcast live excursions to popular sightseeing locations and events so that residents can continue seeing the world and interact with the people on the other end of the video. In addition to live Q&As, participants can ask the leader to pan the camera, focus on a certain area, or even zoom in on something of interest. Instead of being passive participants in someone else’s journey, they are able to make the experience their own.

Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs allow participants to simultaneously learn, earn money, and gain the necessary credentials to be a professional in their desired field. However, depending on location and accessibility it may be difficult for some to reach these programs in person. Online apprenticeships can overcome these barriers. Depending on the field, many apprenticeship programs can be taught virtually through the use of a main video stream showing the expert at work and student video feeds from their remote work locations. This gives teams on various worksites the opportunity to ask questions and complete tasks from their most accessible worksites. The expert can demonstrate technique and then give feedback as students practice. The mixer nodes can be used to create a composite stream of all the attendee feeds and produce the best quality video feed as a result. Ultra-low latency streams allow students to get immediate, clear feedback, enhancing both the safety and educational components of the program.

Virtual Family Reunions

Whether family lives overseas or is separated due to COVID-19, a virtual solution can make spending time with loved ones more accessible. The past few years have been especially difficult during holidays and events where a family would typically gather. Conference-style video chats can make that easier. With a group video call, family members can reconnect, play games, and share memories even while apart. Additionally, with Watch Party technology, they can also share home videos for the whole family to enjoy. The Watch Party allows a user to broadcast a main video for everyone to see at the same time, while also displaying the video and audio feeds of each user, so they can talk and laugh together in real time at the same video. This gives elders a chance to pass along family history to the younger generation, even when they can’t gather in person.

Family Events

Similarly to the virtual family reunions, important family events such as weddings and baptisms can be broadcast live so that family members who could not make it to the venue in person can still be present and watch the event in real-time. With cloud-based mixer and conferencing technology, it is even possible to create a video wall similar to the fan walls used at sports games and conventions so that virtual and in-person attendees may interact and join in the fun.

Game Watch Parties

Super Bowl LVI pulled in around 208 million viewers, including at least 11 million streamers. Much like sporting events around the world, the Super Bowl draws together American football fans to socialize and watch the game. Typically, everyone gathers to watch the game together, but the mixer and Watch Party technology make it possible to connect even with friends across the globe. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, World Cup, or even an awards show, the Watch Party and cloud-based mixing allow fans to virtually meet up with friends and enjoy these events together in real-time.

Online Gaming

The mixer can be used to create compositions of game and video streams so that friends can collaborate on streaming services like Twitch. With the mixer, video game content can be combined with one or more player video feeds and even edited in real time before sending it to third party platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live for viewing. The ability to add dynamic overlays allows for even more creativity. With facial recognition technology and dynamic overlays, it is possible to create filters and effects that will add an extra layer of entertainment to the stream.

We’d love to discuss the possibilities of the mixer technology. If any of these ideas sparked your interest, feel free to contact us at or set up a call.

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