On October 10, we released updated Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. Mobile SDK Version 10.7.0 includes support for the newest version of Xcode as well as a few Android bug fixes. See the full details below.


  • Added support for Xcode 14
  • Turned off Enable Bitcode (deprecated setting per Apple)

Android SDK

  • Fixed: 4:3 broadcast in portrait mode was showing green bands in Android YUV (Hardware Accelerated) playback
  • Fixed: Issue with 16:9 broadcast when dimensions are not divisible by 8

Stay up to date with the latest SDK releases for the best experience with Red5 Pro. To download and try out the most recent version of the SDK, log in to your account here. We also have full guides on upgrading the iOS SDK and upgrading the Android SDK in your project. For test applications, visit our Github page.

If you have any questions about this release or previous releases, please contact our team at info@red5pro.com. Thanks for using Red5 Pro!

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