In preparation for the summertime swimsuit season, we've been slimming down and toning up. Well, actually, we've been sitting down at our computers all day, but the software... oh yeah. Red5 Pro is looking F-I-N-E, fiiine.

The new release was more than just live transcoding and bug fixes. We've also streamlined the software to run more efficiently. Now you can get more out of each CPU per Red5 Pro server instance.

So without further adieu, we bring you...

New Benchmarks

##Test Conditions Tests were run against an AWS c5.large instance (2 CPUs with 4GB memory, 2GB allocated to `java_heap`). We used our [RTMP Bee](, [RTSP Bee](, and [RTC Bee]( clients to do load testing.

Publishing a 256kbps stream via RTMP, we were able to achieve the following while still maintaining the quality of stream:


  • 500 Subscribers

RTSP (Mobile)

  • 1,800 Subscribers

###RTMP * 1,000 Subscribers

The same server type can support approximately 75-80 480p RTMP publishers.

That's Not All

Despite this positive performance, we've never been known to rest on our laurels. So we are not stopping there and are continuing to optimize Red5 Pro.

Due to the extra amount of processing involved in WebRTC streaming, the video streams tend to be more processor heavy than RTMP or RTSP streams. Accordingly, we will be directing even more effort into increasing our already lean processing to get even more out of every single bit of computing power.

No rest for the weary! Go ahead and enjoy the summer sunshine for us. We'll be ready with an even better Red5 Pro when you get back to the office.

Want to try it out for yourself? Send a message to or schedule a call.

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