Red5 Pro is now an official Google partner!

Yes, that Google. You know, that big company with a giant, globally dispersed, cloud computing platform (among many, many other things). Those guys.

With lower bandwidth costs, fast VM spin-up times and an ever-expanding network of servers, Google is a perfect partner for Red5 Pro.

The best part? This means good things for current Red5 Pro users, the live-streaming community, and those that have yet to switch over. To begin with, our autoscaling solution will get even better with faster response times and cheaper bandwidth costs.

Additionally, Google features a blazing fast global fiber network spread across 17 different regions with plans to add three more in Z├╝rich, Hong Kong, and Osaka.


Of course, it will be more than just improved networks, better bandwidth performance and lower pricing (although that's pretty good in and of itself). Watch this space for more details on what promises to be a very productive and beneficial partnership.

Interested in finding out more? Drop a line to or schedule a call. We'd love to show you what Red5 Pro can do.

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