Stream It Your Way

Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, today's workforce has become increasingly focused and specialized (especially in the tech field) Sometimes, it can appear that you have just two options; learn a whole lot about one thing or learn a tiny bit about lots of things. Either way, it's a fact that you can't do it all. Just ask anyone who has uttered the ill-fated words, "Well, I saw it on T.V. once. How hard can it be?"

However, the collaboration of a diverse and cohesive team can deliver superlative results by leveraging the skills and specialties of individuals. Red5 Pro is a perfect example. As a live-streaming solution, we draw our origins back to 2005 when our team of expert developers reversed engineered RTMP as an alternative to the expensive Flash Communication Server. The resulting Red5 open source software grew so popular that many companies and developers started requesting custom work implementing Red5. Thus, the consulting firm Infrared5 was founded to meet that demand. This led to fruitful years working with large clients such as Lucasfilm, Hasbro, and Sony. Eventually, as the Flash platform grew outdated it became clear that Red5 needed an upgrade: Red5 Pro.

These roots in consulting, uniquely position Red5 Pro to deliver fully customized solutions that no other live-streaming platform can deliver. We can build your application based on your requirements above the restrictions of other companies. Instead of locking you into a pre-set template, we allow for open-ended creativity. Rather than a kit requiring assembly, we serve as an open framework that can plug into your existing set-up, or into a standalone application shaped to your specifications. If Red5 Pro does not do what you want right out of the box we can work with you to customize it to make it happen. You provide the blueprint, we provide the support and together we can build what you need. Interested in engaging with our consulting services? Get in touch!

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