Well, you know what they say: no rest for the weary. Last week we released our Server version 4.5.0. So that meant, of course, we had to release our Mobile SDK version 4.5.0 this week. This update adds the ability to access raw audio on Subscriber clients, along with other refactors, fixes, and improvements. Time for the weekend!

Please check out our release notes:

#Red5 Pro Mobile SDK: ### [Release 4.5.0 - 08 March, 2018](https://red5pro.com/docs/streaming/releasenotes.html)
  • Refactored audio controller for iOS to allow for more than two stream subscriptions concurrently
  • Modified Android to send keyframe every 2 seconds to be in parity with iOS
  • Fixed - Android - Publisher preview gets skewed with Publish - Device Orientation example
  • Added ability to iOS and Android SDK to access raw audio on Subscriber clients
  • Fixed - some devices' publishing bitrates drop in very low light

To get the latest release, please log in to your account and download the new builds.
To upgrade your iOS SDK, follow this link.
To upgrade your Android SDK, follow this link.
For example applications, visit our Github page.

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