We visited the West Coast, so it's only fair that we travel to the East Coast. At least the parts outside of Boston, that is. Since we networked in Las Vegas, it's only proper that we schmooze in New York City.

From May 6-8th, the New York Hilton Midtown will host the Streaming Media East 2019 conference which we will be attending again this year. However, this time there's an even more exciting development.

Our Co-Founder, Chris Allen, will deliver two presentations, one of which is the Platinum Sponsor Presentation!

For more details, please see the outlines below or go directly to the SME 2019 page.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that we will be showcasing our new 360 video player as well. Not only that but we will be giving away a 360º camera. That's right, there will be a raffle where one lucky winner gets a 360º camera.

UPDATE: Streaming Media also awarded us with the 2019 Streaming Media 50; an annual list of the most important, influential, and innovative companies in the streaming video space.

Platinum Sponsor Presentation -

Milliseconds To Millions: Why Anything Other Than Real-Time Latency Won't Work

Tuesday, May 7: 9:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Chris Allen, CEO and technical Co-Founder of Red5 Pro will talk about the new and emerging use cases for real-time, live broadcasts capable of scaling to a massive audience. He will explain why efforts to improve HTTP based protocols are essentially futile, and that the future of live broadcasts will not be measured in seconds, but in milliseconds. Chris is going to dispel the myth that WebRTC can’t scale, and show how Red5 Pro customers are currently changing what’s possible with live broadcasting.

Discovery Track Session: Red5 Pro, Lightcast

The Future: Realtime Video Streaming

10:30 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

Chris and his team at Red5 are currently at the forefront of a new revolution in the streaming industry: the advent of real-time broadcasts at huge scale. They work with a variety of emerging use cases around live interactive video content including live sports interactions, trivia games, live auctions, IoT body cams, drone implementations and more. Chris will delve into these applications, and discuss the impact of this new medium on the near future. He will also talk about all the available options to build scalable real-time latency video experiences including the protocols needed; WebRTC, WebSockets, MSE, RTSP, RTMP, etc. He will cover current product offerings in the market such as TokBox, Wowza, and Red5 Pro. Chris will also discuss evolving distribution models like CDNs, cloud, as well as emerging distribution trends like decentralization via technologies like Blockchain.

If you are going to be at SME this year, send an email to info@red5pro.com. We'd love to meet up with you!

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