Red5 Pro is teaming up with Microsoft to deploy our live streaming software on the Azure cloud platform. Broadcasters and subscribers alike will enjoy the sub 500ms of latency that Red5 Pro adds to Azure live video streaming.

This collaboration will not only benefit streaming performance but, considering the scalability of Red5 Pro, it will also unlock full access to the global reach of Azure’s cloud services.

No worries about large events suffering through high latency and streams becoming unavailable. Features such as Adaptive Bitrate streaming, transcoding into multiple stream qualities, and a range of egress and ingest protocols including WebRTC, RTMP, and MPEG TS. Mobile users benefit as well with Red5 Pro’s native SDKs for iOS and Android.

Red5 Pro and Azure cloud video streaming empower companies to integrate real-time interactivity to their products and workflows.  

You can find out more about what we are doing at Microsoft’s Media Summit. Topics will include creating real-time live streaming experiences, streamlining your production workflow, performing data analysis to increase audience engagement, and more.

Learn from some of Microsoft’s leaders including GM of Media and Communications Bob De Haven, Global Head of Media and Entertainment Jennifer Cooper, and Corporate Vice President for Azure Storage, Media, and Edge Tad Brockway, as they show you how to leverage Microsoft’s technology and partners to best adapt to the always shifting tech industry.

Don’t miss a chat between Red5 Pro’s CEO and Technical Co-Founder Chris Allen and Microsoft’s Global Business Strategist Peyton Collie. They will be discussing the impact of COVID-19 and the lasting impacts on live video streaming, and Chris will demo the combined capabilities of Red5 Pro and Azure cloud.

Content will be available on June 8, 2020 at 8:00 AM PDT. For more information go to Microsoft’s page and check out Red5 Pro on the Azure Marketplace.
Curious to learn more? Tell us more about your use case and we can show you how Azure cloud video streaming and Red5 Pro can help you. Send an email to or schedule a call.

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