The weather is turning cooler here in New England, and as usual our team has been hard at work. We are excited to announce version 1.4.0 of Red5 Pro Server. For this release we focused on Video on Demand (VOD).

The new server release supports recording and retrieving VOD content via Amazon S3 cloud storage. In addition, as a number of people have requested, we added in post-processor support for transcoding FLVs to MP4s, for ease of playback. We’ve also added support for HLS VOD!

In addition, we’ve added a recording option to the live/broadcast.jsp and a live/playback.jsp VOD Playback option, so you can easily test the new features!

To get the latest release, go to the accounts page, login and download the new server build.

We will also be releasing SDK updates soon!

Is there anything we should add to make your life as a streaming developer easier? Just let us know.

Happy coding!

Release 1.4.0 - 7 October, 2016

  • Added CloudStorage support for VOD
  • Added FLV to MP4 conversion PostProcessor support
    Added HLS VOD Support
  • Added CORS for HLS VOD playback from CloudStorage
  • Updated front-end with Flash recording and VOD Playback
  • Fixed Mobile Recording, Flash playback of FLVs orientation issues
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