March is traditionally the month where people start breaking their New Year Resolutions. Not Red5 Pro. We've persevered to reach our goal of improving the performance of our WebRTC implementation. While some abandoned their treadmills, we slimmed down our CPU usage to make Red5 Pro more scalable. As home gyms (still unassembled) were hidden in closets, we strengthened our security features by adding connection parameters to secure your streams.

Of course, we set the bar pretty high for ourselves so we didn't stop after improving WebRTC. We added support for setting framerate Android devices and implemented shared objects with iOS devices. We even changed our pricing structure.

##[Release 3.0.0 - 06 March, 2017](
####[*iOS SDK:*]( * Added shared objects support * Fixed: audio/video sync issues with iOS publish/WebRTC subscriber * Updated licensing model
####[*Android SDK:*]( * Added support for setting framerate * Fixed: Streaming Android Example two-way example crashed if publisher disconnected before subscriber * Updated licensing model
####[*HTML5 SDK:*](
  • Support for H.264 video encoding
  • Support for H.264 decoding
  • Support for security parameters

To get the latest release, go to the accounts page, login and download the new builds.
To upgrade your server, please follow this link.
For example applications, please visit our Github page.

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