Introducing Red5 Pro Version 3.5.0! This update introduces huge improvements in our autoscaled solution for WebRTC. We now support secure proxied Websocket calls through the Stream Manager so that you only need to install an SSL cert in one place. This simplifies large scale deployments significantly given WebRTC’s complex security requirements.

On the iOS and Android SDK side, we improved Red5 Pro's ability to receive high-quality audio and refined AV sync.

We've also included additions to our example apps like stream manager proxy publisher and subscriber examples.

For a full list of added features and bug fixes, please refer to our release notes:

Server 3.5.0

  • WebRTC negotiation down to ~4 second
  • Include "getServerStatistics" output to initialization of red5.log
  • Added systemd service support for Red5 Pro
  • WebRTC optimizations
  • Autoscaling: Stream Manager SSL Proxy
  • Autoscaling: Ignore private subnets when creating nodes (AWS only)
  • Audio prioritizing for WebRTC to support high-quality audio streams
  • Added licensing status to system statistics
  • Front End - Added extensions to VOD file list
  • Bug - OBS streaming to HLS - no audio or video (but subscribe shows as successful)
  • Bug - RTMP connection not released from license count/limit manager
  • Bug - HLS fallback player displaying mobile publishers with incorrect orientation
  • Bug - Server API - Deleting terminate Client/terminateClients - does not remove * WebRTC publisher or stream
  • Bug - Server API - WebRTC connections not being counted as subscribers with applications/live/streams/{streamname} call
  • Bug - Publishing with Chrome on Windows - Firefox subscriber video is stuttery
  • Bug - Front End - fixed multiple bad links
  • Bug - Append overwriting instead of appending
  • Bug - Artifacting in HLS and Flash from iOS A7 publisher
  • Bug - Autoscaling Stream Manager throws an error if there is no default.json file
  • Bug - Autoscaling Large cookies block webrtc broadcast/subscribe
  • Bug - WebRTC publishers/subscribers sometimes disconnected after ~1 min from Autoscaling nodes
  • Bug - Getting audio only with some WebRTC autoscaling subscribers

Mobile SDK 3.5.0

  • [FrontEnd] Bug in replacing host address for HTML SDK
  • Bug - Improper use of in RTCIceServer declaration (RTCIceServer.url is deprecated)
  • Bug - Subscribe.Stop not Firing


  • Support for high-quality audio
  • Improved audio/video sync

Android SDK:

  • Support for high-quality audio
  • Improved audio/video sync
  • Bug - Android devices crashing after 20 minutes of HD publishing
  • Bug - Long playing broadcast a/v sync drifts

Streaming Examples:

  • Added VOD Playback example to Streaming HTML5 Testbed
  • Added Stream Manager Proxy Publish Example to Streaming HTML5 Testbed
  • Added Stream Manager Proxy Subscribe Example to Streaming HTML5 Testbed
  • Added High Quality Audio Test to Streaming iOS Testbed
  • Updated Sample Rate for Two-Way Test in Streaming Android Testbed

To get the latest release, go to the accounts page, login and download the new builds.
To upgrade your server, please follow this link.
For example applications, please visit our Github page.

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