We've been hunkered down in our Boston office, trudging through the winter months (except that one day when it was 70) working hard on a new release.

So here it is, the 4.5.0 server release. Featuring Microsoft Azure Cloud autoscaling support and some major performance improvements, we are proud of these new improvements and eager to continue building upon them. Of course, we are also eagerly anticipating the return of 70 degree days as we turn the corner towards Spring.

Please take a look at our release notes:

Red5 Pro Server:

Release 4.5.0 - 28 February, 2018

  • Added simple auth plugin support across clusters
  • Added shared objects support across clusters
  • Added Log Manager to Red5 Pro server API
  • Added ability to select camera to the front end broadcast page
  • Autoscaling - Added support for Autoscaling on Azure cloud
  • Fixed - Republishing quickly via Android will sometimes result in stream not propagating to Edge
  • Fixed - RTSP Subscribers do not receive UNPUBLISH event on broadcast end
  • Fixed - RTSP restream to YouTube doesn't work
  • Fixed - WebRTC Append - 1-3 second pause between recorded segments
  • Fixed - high CPU usage with RTSP subscriber load
  • Fixed - Unpublish.Notify call - does not get sent over cluster
  • Fixed - RTC Connections do not release JVM threads

To get the latest release, please login to your account and download the new build.
To upgrade your server, follow this link.
For example applications, visit our Github page.

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