Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we no place to go,
Let us code, let us code, let us code! ?

OK. Clearly, we need to get outside a little more. Good thing the office will be closed next week for the holiday break. Don't worry, we'll be back in the New Year on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Before that, we wanted to release a new server update; Red5 Pro version 5.4.0!

This latest release includes mobile optimizations to increase the number of connections a single server can handle. It also includes Microsoft Edge Support, HLS fixes, and... a new WebSockets implementation!

Now the SSL 443 port can be reused for that connection as well. It also means that a wider variety of load balancers can be configured in front of the Stream Manager adding better stability and reliability to the auto scale deployments. Plus, it makes security a little easier as you don't have to open up as many ports.

Red5 Pro Server:

Release 5.4.0 - 20th December, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our offices will be closed for holiday break from Saturday, 22 December through Tuesday, 1 January. Due to the significant differences between previous releases and 5.4.0 in regards to websockets implementation, if you have a custom webapp we highly recommend waiting until our return to update your servers.

  • WebRTC support for Microsoft Edge
  • Updated websockets for improved WebRTC experience
  • consolidated ports to use the same as http/https
  • fixed frequent Firefox websocket failures
  • improved reliability of autoscaling on AWS via their Application Load Balancer
  • NOTE: These changes will require some modification to existing webapps. Please see here for additional documentation.
  • Fixed - HLS freezing to stream from RTC Publisher
  • Fixed - HLS files copied to S3 (if S3 post-processor enabled) even if stream is not recorded
  • Fixed - HLS recordings a few seconds shorter than flv
  • Improved RTC HD and Screen Sharing stream quality
  • Fixed - S3 Upload failing with buckets created in some regions (noteably: all * * Europe, and some newer zones in US and AS)
  • Fixed - Stream Manager API - Stream Stats listing currentSubscriber counts as the same for each stream
  • Performance improvements

Release 5.4.0 Server Performance Metrics

Tests were run against an AWS c5.large instance (2 CPUs with 4GB memory, 2GB allocated to java_heap). We used our RTMP Bee, RTSP Bee, and RTC Bee clients to do load testing.

Publishing a 256kbps stream via RTMP, we were able to achieve the following while still maintaining quality of stream:

500 WebRTC subscribers
1,900 RTSP (mobile) subscribers
1,000 RTMP subscribers
The same server type can support approximately forty 480p RTMP publishers

To get the latest release, please login to your account and download the new build.
To upgrade your server, follow this link.
To upgrade your stream manager, follow this link.
For test applications, visit our Github page.
For our Red5 Pro installer, follow this link

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