Announcing Red5 Pro Server Release 7.2.11!

We are very excited about our new Node Checker feature. It will allow for real-time monitoring of the server environment to find and remove corrupted nodes. This helps Red5 Pro setups to run even smoother.

The Node Checker consists of three parts: Read Node, Sunset Node, and Terminate Node. It is deployed in a Red5 Pro Autoscaling environment to monitor the Red5 Pro edges and guarantee that WebRTC is working for all of them. If a problem is found on a certain edge, the “sunset node'' will report it to the Stream Manager so that it will stop forwarding new clients to that node. Simultaneously, a new edge instance will be created as a replacement. When an edge is reported, the Stream Manager will monitor its existing clients and once all of the existing clients have disconnected from the broken node, the Stream Manager and Terminate Node will remove it.

Here are the full release notes:

Server Release 7.2.11

December 1st, 2020

  • Added support for Stream Manager sunset node API (no changes made to autoscale cloud controllers).
  • Node Checker Application for real-time monitoring of WebRTC health on autoscale edge nodes.
  • Updated cloudstorage plugin for AWS S3 to address issues with their updated API

To get the latest release, please login to your account and download the new build.

To upgrade your server, follow this link.

To upgrade your stream manager, follow this link.

For test applications, visit our Github page.

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