The Fourth of July is more than just a day in which Americans will launch 200 million pounds of fireworks and eat 150 million hot dogs, it’s a day where we celebrate the values that established our country. Among the founding principles, one primary theme ties them all together: freedom. As a Boston-based company, we built Red5 Pro with that essential value in mind. We want to enable developers to live-stream however they see fit.

That is why we do not tie you down to any specific platforms. Live-streaming video can be hard, so we do most of the work for you. Nonetheless, we want you to be able to maintain control over how it fits into your application as a whole. As such, Red5 Pro has remained hosting agnostic and employs a flexible API that can lock into any back-end. This enables a greater degree of customization and the freedom to implement your own hosting or switch providers.

Furthermore, our live-streaming platform enables you to automatically deploy servers allowing for unlimited scaling with super low latency through our Autoscale Solution. Right now this feature is optimized for Google Cloud and AWS hosting services, but we are currently working on a more generalized autoscaling solution as well.

With Red5 Pro you can engineer your app, your way. We don't even limit the devices you want to use. Android? Check. iOS? You bet. Desktop? Gotcha. Graphing calculator? Woah now, let's not get crazy. So go ahead; sign up and make your app! Not sure if Red5 Pro can do what you want? Give us a call! From Mount Rushmore to Mongolia, if you have the internet you can live-stream. Let freedom stream!

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