New Year Changes

Dear Red5 Pro Community,

A long time ago, we started an open source community dedicated to a single goal: to make it easy for the world to create high-quality streaming environments for an unlimited number of applications, platforms and use cases. We’ve come a long way since we first launched our beta in October of 2015, and since then we’ve released powerful mobile SDKs, autoscaled clustering and WebRTC support all in an effort to enable developers to build awesome low-latency video applications.

Since then, users like yourself and the entire developer community have provided invaluable insights into how we can achieve our mission and make Red5 Pro a more powerful streaming platform.

As our product has grown, so have the needs of our thousands of users and customers. We want to make sure we that we are delivering not only the best product to you and the community but also the best, fastest and most reliable support possible.

In order to continue providing a high level of support, we will be ending all free trial accounts, effective March 1st, at which time we’ll also be releasing new products and pricing.

As we make this transition, we want to be as helpful to you as possible which is why we’ve dedicated extra support resources to our team to address your needs and help you identify the right Red5 Pro package for you. You can reach us directly at, 1.617.442.4151 or schedule time to chat with our team.

Additionally, in order to show our appreciation to our existing users, if you upgrade your package before March 1st, we will grandfather in your annual pricing before changes are made. This includes 1 year of access to our SDK, valued at $5,000, for free!

Lastly, keep an eye out for the release of our Developer Pro Plan which will be released soon with 10 times as many connections (100) as our existing Developer Plan.

Thanks again for all the support! If we can be of any help, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Onwards and Upwards!

Chris and Rebecca Allen

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