Refining Our Release Schedule

Crafting Red5 Pro into a versatile streaming platform took more than just a push of a button. It required (and continues to involve) a good amount of work from some great people. Behind our software sits a whole team constantly striving to improve Red5 Pro. With this in mind we are streamlining the development process.

We are going to be starting monthly release cycles, with a release every first week of the month. Why is this important to you? Because you will now have a predictable schedule for when you should update your Red5 Pro powered app with the latest features and bug fixes.

Speaking of the bugs you report, this is more or less how we are handling them:

  1. Bugs, issues and errors are submitted to the support team.
  2. The Support Team responds to your questions directly, or passes them to our Development Team for further investigation.
  3. The bug is assigned to a developer with reproducible steps,
  4. The developer fixes the issue, and commits the code to our Git repo.
  5. Our CI server (TeamCity) builds the code, and assuming all tests pass, it moves to QA.
  6. Fixes are handed over to the Quality Assurance Team in order ensure that the bug has been completely squashed.
  7. Confirmed fixes are included for the next monthly release.

Of course we won't just included bug fixes with each release. We continually add more features (like WebRTC support) and new innovations making your apps better and more flexible.

While the above is the process with our Develop and Deploy plans , if you are interested in getting quicker turn arounds and custom features developed that are important for your project, then reach out to us to find out how a Scale plan might meet your needs.

We strive to be as thorough as possible in our testing, but there are a whole lot of devices out there (particularly with Android) and you may find that some regression bugs can crawl into our updates. If you find a previously working feature is behaving oddly, please let us know. We value our customer feedback and it actively drives how we improve our product. So we'd like to thank you for reporting errors and encourage you to continue submitting issues you are encountering and suggesting features that you would like to use.

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