We did it! After months of work and many, many hours of coding, testing and (admittedly) a bit of hair pulling, we have fused the connectivity of WebRTC to the streaming capabilities of Red5 Pro! Adding to our already extensive list of integrations, WebRTC allows for cross-platform, real-time communications without plugins. It even allows for enhanced security with end-to-end encryption between endpoints. Where Red5 Pro's WebRTC implementation really shines is with super low latency live video delivery to hundreds of thousands of viewers. We believe that WebRTC is the future of interactive live streaming, and that future is here!

While some may stay behind and make excuses, we will be streaming into the future with WebRTC. Won't you join us?

Release 2.0.0 - 12 December, 2016

  • Fixed: iOS a/v sync issues with HLS VOD
  • Fixed: issues with subscribe-reconnect
  • Fixed: red5-shutdown wasn't always stopping the server process
  • Fixed: Android - recording didn't orient the stream correctly after camera swap
  • Added option to set memory allocation to Red5 Pro * Java process on startup

Known WebRTC limitations:

  • WebRTC two-way conversations are very CPU-intensive.
  • VP8 only on WebRTC endpoints

To get the latest release, go to the accounts page, login and download the new server build.
To upgrade your server, please follow this link. For an example application, please visit our Github page.

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