Our Red5 Pro team has been working hard to create the best product possible and we’re announcing another new server release. We recommend staying up to date with new releases so that Red5 Pro runs as smoothly as possible. See below for details on this update.

  • Added: Status reported by nodes to Stream Manager to stay active until stream recording post-process is complete
  • Added: HTML5 Testbed (single and autoscaling server) for publishing and subscribing to stream with AMF metadata
  • Fixed: Ability to add more connections than the port range specified in the network properties configuration file
  • Fixed: RTMP publisher causing transcoded variants to fail
  • Fixed: Publishing issues encountered with Chrome v100
  • Fixed: Support for CentOS
  • Fixed: Unsynchronized wait condition causing flickering in compositions generated by mixer

To download the latest version of Red5 Pro, login to your account here. See the Release Notes Homepage for server performance metrics and notes on all previous releases.

For details on upgrading your server, click here. We also have guides on upgrading Autoscale Nodes and upgrading the Stream Manager.

If you have any questions about live streaming or how this update may affect your project, please reach out at info@red5pro.com or schedule a call. Thanks for using Red5 Pro!

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