Earlier this week we released a patch release of our server that includes several fixes for recordings and metadata. We highly recommend updating your server to get these fixes. Please see the details below:

  • Fixed: Cloudstorage success and failure webhook messages not logging consistently for all cloud providers
  • Fixed: HLS .ts segments are not getting copied up to cloudstorage while stream is live when <property name="uploadOnTheFly" value="true"/>
  • Fixed: Metadata files are not getting created with HLS recording <property name="writeJsonMetadata" value="true"/>
  • Fixed: Custom cloudstorage parameters are not uploading at specified custom path for AWS S3 bucket
  • Fixed: Transcoded stream variants are not recorded with HLS <property name="forceVODRecord" value="true"/>
  • Fixed: HLS recording continues after the stopRecord API call has been executed against a subscope
  • Fixed: JSON metadata file gets removed from the server after recording is created when <property name="writeJsonMetadata" value="true"/>

You can find information about all previous releases at the Release Notes homepage.

To download version 10.9.2, login into your account. For more information on upgrading your server, click here. We also have guides on upgrading Autoscale Nodes and upgrading the Stream Manager.

If you have any questions about this update and how it may affect your project, please reach out to info@red5pro.com.

Thanks for using Red5 Pro, and we hope you are all enjoying the new year!

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