Happy Monday! It’s time for another new release!

We work hard to improve Red5 Pro with each new version. This time, we’ve added support for RTMPE and for high bitrate RTMP throughput. We’ve also included a few bug fixes and API updates. We recommend staying up to date with new releases so that your server runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Added support for RTMPE
  • Updated Mina version to 2.0.23
  • Updated Tomcat version to 8.5.78
  • Updated SLF4J version to 1.7.36 for logback update
  • Improved support for high bitrate RTMP throughput
  • Fixed an Autoscale issue where mixer compositions are only assigned to one mixer instead of the one with the lowest load
  • Fixed Stream Switch stopping the stream when switching
  • Fixed an issue where HLS files were uploaded to cloud storage for non-recorded streams

To download the latest version of Red5 Pro, login to your account here. Check out the Release Notes Homepage for server performance metrics and notes on all previous releases.

If you have any questions about live streaming or how this update may affect your project, please reach out at info@red5pro.com or schedule a call. Thanks for using Red5 Pro!

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