Server Release 10.6.0

We’re excited to share another new server release! Release 10.6.0 includes improvements to the transcoder and several bug fixes to help your server run as smoothly as possible. See below for more details on what’s new.

  • Improvement: Transcoder uses multi-CPU and multithreading processing for performance improvements (this improvement allows for 2K and 4K software transcoding)
  • Improvement: Transcoder support for more than four variants
  • Fixed: Transcoding: Round Trip authentication, token was not being sent with the provision parameters
  • Fixed: Occasional stream quality degradation over multiple hops
  • General bug fixes and security improvements

To use the latest version of Red5 Pro, download it from your account. See the Release Notes Homepage for server performance metrics and notes on all previous releases.

For details on upgrading your server, click here. We also have guides on upgrading Autoscale Nodes and upgrading the Stream Manager.

If you have any questions about this update and how it may affect your project, please contact us at

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