Server Release 10.7.0

Thanks to the hard work of our team, we have another exciting server release available! We are happy to announce that we have introduced support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) autoscale deployments with this release. If you’re interested, see our documentation for more information on how to set that up. We have also included several bug fixes with 10.7.0, which are detailed below. You can find notes on all previous releases on the Release Notes Homepage.

  • Fixed: Caching fix for MPEG-TS and SRT restreamer
  • Thread pool consolidation for ingest
  • Sync byte, chunk, and segment loss resolved
  • RTP over SRT implemented
  • Fixed: CPU spike on some FFmpeg stream disruptions
  • Fixed: Websocket API call firing twice from the live web app
  • Fixed: Negative publisher count produced by a transcoder race condition

Autoscale Updates

  • Added: Oracle Cloud (OCI) support
  • Updated: Upgraded terraform version to 1.3.0 for better multi-region support in some cloud platforms
  • Fixed: Multi-Transcoder round-robin logic

To use the latest version of Red5 Pro, download it from your account. For details on upgrading your server, click here. We also have guides on upgrading Autoscale Nodes and upgrading the Stream Manager.

If you have any questions about this update, please reach out to us

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