Fake users are bad. At the best they produce spam, but at the worst, they can be a security threat. You don't want someone else jumping onto your platform and pretending to be you. Remember what happened the last time you forgot to log out of Facebook when you borrowed your friend's computer? Well, let's just say that your mother is still concerned that you've decided to quit your job and become a professional snake charmer.

That's why Red5 Pro developed the Simple Authentication plugin. By necessity, security requirements can have a built in level of complexity to them. We have greatly simplified this process for you, but there are still some configurations involved with integrating the plugin.

With that in mind, we have added a video tutorial to compliment our documentation for the Simple Authentication Plugin. Guided by our CTO, Dominick will steer you through the process of integration.

Of course, if you still have any questions after watching the tutorial, please reach out to our support team so that we can get you through the issue.

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