Congratulations to StageConnect on their Product of the Year Award from NAB Show 2022!

StageConnect won Product of the Year in the Digital Signage and Display Systems category at NAB Show 2022 on April 26, for their StageConnect Pro product. The NAB Show Product of the Year awards recognize innovative new technologies in the media and entertainment industry. The products exhibited at NAB Show are some of the most promising developments of the year, and the Product of the Year award honors the most outstanding of those developments.

StageConnect provides a production-level cloud-based streaming platform for live events.

Whether for concerts, awards shows, or sporting events, the platform allows for interaction between the audience, performers, speakers, etc., to create a truly immersive virtual event experience. Cole Morgan, StageConnect’s Founder and CEO, describes the platform as “purpose-built to provide display systems with new capabilities, dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of running virtual and hybrid events at scale, and basically enable the previously impossible.”

According to John Clark, executive director of NAB PILOT, “When it comes to innovation, NAB Show is where it all comes together — from bold new ideas to award-winning implementation and everything in between. When you look out on the show floor, you see representatives from every stage of that journey. Side by side they learn from each other and come together to solve the issues of today and tomorrow in our industry. That’s the beauty of NAB Show.”

Red5 Pro is proud to have been involved in the development of StageConnect’s live streaming software. Red5 Pro was designed to provide real-time, reliable live video and audio at scale. We specialize in interactive live streaming and make it possible for large audiences to access high-quality live video. With Red5 Pro’s powerful cluster technology, StageConnect’s Pro platform can handle crowds of virtual attendees with ease. Additionally, StageConnect makes use of Red5 Pro’s recently developed Mixer nodes, to add an extra layer of flexibility and customization to their product.  

The Mixer allows for the creation of dynamic composite livestreams. In other words, it combines multiple live streams into a single mixed one, based on a visual layout that can be dynamically updated in real time. The mixed stream can include both the video and audio of the included streams. In StageConnect’s case, the Mixer technology can be used for video walls, conferences, and to design various compositions of audience feed at an event. The Mixer improves user experience by enabling real-time editing of contributions to live video productions. For example, producers might bring several commentators together on screen to interact with end users.

Additional Mixer use cases include large event screens, control rooms, and sending mixed streams to third-party platforms like Facebook Live or Twitch. For a deep-dive into how the Mixer technology works, check out our blog post.

StageConnect previously demonstrated the strength of their platform at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March, where they partnered with Eventuall to create a hybrid event experience. Eventuall’s virtual venue, which also received a Product of the Year nomination, allowed online participants to network not only with each other, but also with the in-person attendees of the San Francisco conference. Additionally, to give all attendees a more immersive conference experience, StageConnect’s platform powered a dynamic video wall where remote guests could mingle and ask questions to speakers in real-time.

StageConnect Pro makes ideas and live events accessible to the masses. Red5 Pro handles the tricky aspects of live streaming and cloud-based mixing, so that videos run smoothly and interaction feels natural, even in a virtual space. With StageConnect’s innovation in media and Red5 Pro’s live streaming expertise we are able to revolutionize the way we interact with live video.

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