Support Tiers

We've covered how you can effectively communicate issues to our support team and the differences between our different License Tiers. However, let's detail the technical support that we provide for each of those plans.

Growth Pro:

Not only do you get priority status on any support issues or bug tickets, but you get additional support for advice on tweaking configurations or best practice tips.

The biggest advantage is the creation of a private Slack channel which allows you to communicate directly with our support staff.

Many of our software engineers built the Red5 Pro software themselves and have been in the live streaming field for years. You will find that they are some of the most knowledgeable developers in the industry. Who better than them to help you build your application?

The private Slack channel allows a two-way conversation to flow and makes the exchange of subtle information much easier. There is a great amount of nuance to technical configuration and often a demand for a more personalized solution. After all, Red5 Pro was built to be customized.

Even if you don't need the scaling that the Growth Pro provides, it will pay for itself in the valuable support.

Whether troubleshooting issues or determining the best way to configure your app for the lowest latency, smoothest streaming or whatever you need for your use case: the Slack channel is a good way to get there.

Startup Pro:

Comes with email support. We try to respond within 24 hours. Like the Growth Pro, our business hours are 9 - 6 Eastern U.S. time. This allows you to get answers from the Technical Support team to any specific questions you may have about our software.

Note: both the Startup and Growth Pro include full use of our Technical Support desk where you can submit tickets. This is a great way to keep large amounts of information organized and streamlines the process of finding (and fixing) bugs.

Developer Pro:

This pricing tier does not include any guaranteed support. You can post your questions in our Community Slack channel where other Red5 Pro users and Red5 Pro staff, can answer it. As it is an open community, your answer will be subject to availability.

Community Slack Channel:

The Community Slack Channel is an open text chat channel available to general users of Red5 Pro.  It is divided into eight categories: android sdk, aws, google compute, html5 webrtc sdk, ios sdk, server side, stream-manger and general.  Please post your question in the appropriate categories in order to receive the best answer.  Upon posting, members of the Red5 Pro community will respond to your question as they are available.  Red5 Pro staff will also monitor the public channels and will post answers and information as needed.

Additional Support:

We also offer advanced Support Level Agreements for even more intensive support. The SLA allows for ongoing, on-demand support including weekend and emergency hours. This enables our team to be on call to make certain that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team of expert software engineers will plug directly into your application to address any issues that come up and track down any bugs.

If ongoing maintenance isn't what you are looking for, then we can build whatever you need with a Custom Work Contract. Since we have built our own software, we are uniquely positioned to offer consulting and development services.

Of course, you could pay your own team to develop everything, but why waste your time and money learning software that we already know about? Let us work together, combining our efforts and knowledge to build whatever you need.

For more information, send a message to or schedule a call.

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