The Social Future of Television

As social creatures, humans have an innate desire to gather together. Though the focal point has changed, moving the fire pit indoors to a fireplace and replacing the radio on the mantlepiece with a TV, the transmission of stories has always played a prominent role. Television is a basic tenant of modern society. It has… Continue reading The Social Future of Television

NAB 2018: What Was Missing

Last week, the media broadcasting community gathered together at the NAB Show to discuss industry achievements and trends. A wide range of speakers discussed various topics from optimizing end to end delivery, leveraging CDNs, and effective ad-insertion. Not to mention the numerous vendors touting live streaming monetization strategies. OTT Of course, the always growing OTT… Continue reading NAB 2018: What Was Missing

Solving HQ Trivia’s Technical Difficulties

Turns out, getting noticed is only half the battle. The extraordinarily popular quiz game HQ trivia has experienced explosive growth. Good for them, right? Here’s the problem: The game hinges upon thousands (and now millions) of users interacting and competing with each other in real-time. Players are given 10 seconds to answer questions (So no… Continue reading Solving HQ Trivia’s Technical Difficulties

Too Late or Too Latent?

You’ve done all your research, analyzed the match-ups and laid out your perfect lineup. Your fantasy team roster is looking great! No frenzied, last-minute shuffling of players for you. All that remains is to sit back, grab a beverage of choice and watch your games as the roster deadline ticks down. Then you see it.… Continue reading Too Late or Too Latent?

High Latency Not So Bad?

Alright, fine. We admit it. Our assertion that low, near real-time latency, is always better has been proven wrong. Apparently, Facebook Live’s latency is so long that a band called The Academic recorded a song incorporating the seconds long delay to loop one of their songs. The multiple layers create an increasing complex song that’s… Continue reading High Latency Not So Bad?