It may sound obvious, but live video should be live or at least nearly instantaneous. However, that's not always the case, especially if you are not using Red5 Pro. For many applications, the delay (latency) between the broadcaster sending out content and the subscriber receiving that content can make for a negative user-experience. The following scenarios are just some of the many examples of the importance of low-latency streaming.

Sports Broadcasting:

As we have mentioned before, live sports should be, well, live. Not almost live, but instantaneous. After all, sporting events are as much an excuse to get together with your friends, as they are a spectacle. Obviously, that can't always happen but with modern communication, we should be able to talk to other fans without latency induced spoilers. So maybe somebody should take advantage of Red5 Pro's sub half second latency? Not that we're hinting or anything.

News Broadcasting and Live Interviews:

Have you seen on the news when an anchor switches over to a field reporter or guest speaker and they just stand there silent for a few seconds? Well, there's that darn latency again. Of course, even when the conversation gets going the news anchor has to awkwardly cut in order to add anything making for a choppy, back and forth exchange. Not the easiest thing to listen to.


Bring far away experts into the classroom to learn from them and answer questions. Classes can be long enough without having to wait for responses!

Smartphone Drone Control:

It stands to reason that when something is in flight it's fairly important that you know exactly where it is. Streaming from an IP camera is great, but if you are flying it based on the delayed footage streaming out, you're seeing what the drone saw seconds ago. You could even be participating in a drone race, streaming the footage out to thousands of spectators. It may appear that the drone is one place but it's actually someplace else - like crashing into the side of a ufo. Not one of your finest moments.

Live Auction:

Getting in a last second bid is all a part of the excitement, so it's really important that you are in the same timeframe. Just ask the folks at Invaluable, who used Red5 Pro to help with their online auction site. It takes valuable seconds to quickly determine whether or not you can place another bid on that really cool looking umbrella stand, or actually pay the rent. When every moment counts you need them.

One-to-Many Chat Applications:

Perhaps a famous celebrity wants to broadcast a message to fans. The more people involved the more confusing a delay can be as questions or comments submitted through text cannot be responded to in time.

Periscope Style Apps:

Another one-to-many application but with a broader number of users that can publish streams.

Security Cameras and Body Cameras:

It goes without saying that when it comes to emergencies, a quick response time is very important. There's no room for delay when it comes to public safety.

Jam Session:

Perhaps one of your bandmates is out of town and you still want to practice. Of course, your new drummer is already having difficulty staying on beat, so if the rest of the band is actually ahead by a few notes? Forget it.

Everything Else:

No matter what or how you are live-streaming, seeing it instantly is always better. Watching a rebroadcast "live" event doesn't quite have the same energy to watching something and knowing that the events taking place are actually happening at that very moment. Smartphones are fueling the demand for ever expanding connectivity and so will the desire for instant video streaming. Regardless if you are watching sports, concerts, lectures or talking with friends, shouldn't live-streaming actually be live?

For more on how sub-second-latency streaming can improve your app, check-out Red5 Pro. Our industry leading, sub one-second latency can make a huge difference in your app. Let us show you how.

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