Customer Support is very important to us! A large part of that entails answering your questions. No, I cannot give you any bank account numbers, Nigerian prince or not. However, here are ten questions we can answer (and frequently have):

Can I set up a chat function?

  • Using our two-way example application for HTML5,
    Android and iOS, it is possible to send user data and text chat using RPC calls . . . more

What are the best setting to get a high-quality, low-latency stream?

  • The Red5 Pro server was built around providing the lowest latency possible. Since Red5 Pro allows you the flexibility to configure . . . more

Can I mute my audio stream?

  • Yes. Here are the example apps for HTML5 and iOS. Android is currently unavailable but is on our roadmap for future development.

How many viewers can the server support and how can I count them?

  • There is no hard limit. In our testing, we've seen m3 xl on AWS support up to 2400 streams at 500kbps each. We also support . . . more

How can I record my streams?

  • In the R5Stream.publish method you have the ability to record the stream, you can give access to the live stream by . . . more

Does WebRTC Support VOD functionality?

  • No. WebRTC is intended for live-streaming only. It does not support the streaming of pre-recorded content.

Can I make RPC calls between the server and client?

  • Yes! Using you can send data and message strings between the subscriber and publisher by following these Github examples for HTML5, iOS and Android.

Can I secure my streams?

Why am I getting a blank screen on subscribing?

  • When you are testing on a local machine you cannot stream to cellular clients, due to the fact that they need to be on the same network. Please note, this is only . . . more

What is the difference between the Red5 Open Source vs Licensed Red5 Pro?

  • Red5 Open Source only uses RTMP flash protocol, while Red5 Pro supports RTSP, RTP and HLS. . . more

Of course, these are far from a comprehensive list of every question we've received. If you didn't see your particular inquiry here or after a search of our FAQ database, please peruse our documentation, visit our Help Center, or give this a quick read and send a message to our Customer Support Team. They would be happy to assist you!

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