Miss Arin Sime's WebRTC Ventures Webinar featuring Red5 Pro's CEO, Chris Allen? Catch it on video and don't miss a moment as Chris and Arin discuss Red5 Pro's powerful new open source WebRTC-based, multidirectional architecture called the Experience Delivery Network, or XDN.

Technical creators who build live streaming apps face some current dilemmas that no one wants to see carried into the Metaverse: Latency in traditional streaming is an issue. Any streaming that takes over 400 ms is simply too long, the moment is lost in asynchronous history, never to be repeated.

Scaling to millions, or in some cases even to hundreds with conventional WebRTC apps can prove next to impossible sometimes. The future of streaming won’t face these problems with Red5 Pro’s Experience Delivery Network, or XDN. Curious creators, streaming app developers learn about today’s interactive video and the future Metaverse, and how the XDN faces streaming issues head on in a live WebRTC Ventures Webinar hosted by BigMarker. Join WebRTC Ventures CEO, Arin Sine, and Red5 Pro CEO and industry engineer and expert, Chris Allen on Wednesday, August 25th at 12:30 PM Eastern time to find out more about XDN. Register now, and see you there!

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